Makerere university Students of Journalism and Communication in a session on immersive storytelling in 2019.

A total of 50 journalists from various media houses have been selected to participate in a multimedia journalism and digital skills training scheduled to take place in Gulu City or in Mukono District.

Ultimate Media Consult (UMC) is conducting a Multimedia & Digital Skills Training Project benefiting Journalists, Journalism students and Lecturers. The project is supported by the US Mission in Uganda.

As you may be aware, audience needs are changing and many people expect modern storytelling in digital formats. Journalists must learn to tell stories in formats that work on computer monitors and on phones, not just inform, educate and entertain but also engage audience members, and develop the skills to interrogate online information and sources of data with integrity and in a secure manner.

From interactions and engagements with Journalism Training institutions and media houses in Uganda, we noted that many practicing journalists need adequate skills and knowledge of tools to best produce, package and share multimedia content and remain safe and secure online.

UMC has thus organized to support journalists from Uganda with training in Multimedia Journalism and Digital Skills to equip them with the best practices for telling stories to online audiences through different media formats, on the web and to a mobile audience, do data visualisation, immersive storytelling and show journalists how to ensure safety and security for themselves and sources.

Selection criteria

UMC sent out a call for applications for interested journalists to apply by filling in an online form.  One hundred and forty two (142) applications were received from different media houses. A panel was set up to select the best 50 journalists to participate in the two training workshops (25 journalists for each training workshop; one in Gulu City and the other in Mukono district).

The competition was tight because there were many good applications but we had to balance media houses and also look at the gender aspect to select the best. There were also many applications from journalists working with the same media house.

We had to select journalists with outstanding reasons for taking part in the training and those who have been publishing often online.

You can scroll through the list below to see the names of journalists selected for the Multimedia Journalism & Digital Skills training for both the Gulu City and Mukono District training workshops.

List of Selected 50 Journal… by The Campus Times

The selected journalists will be contacted with more details about the training.