Project Description

Streaming audio has become easier to access, is readily available on mobile devices, and is now more personalized than ever before. This presents a huge opportunity for publishers, marketers, journalists, and communication professionals to connect with audiences via this “new” medium.

This course will help you develop skills to record, mix and master audio using available audio production equipment and software. You will learn to apply technical skills and creativity to design sound for stories, film, TV and video games using standard different software.


The course will teach students the fundamentals of audio production across live sound, recording, producing and post-production.

Course Duration: 2 months (four hours a day, 3days a week) OR 1month 5days a week

Targeted market: Journalists, communication officials, spokespersons, marketers etc.

Requirements: A good computer and digital audio recorder or good phone

To read more about this course or apply, please click here. 

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