The U.S Embassy in Uganda hosted it’s third Dignity Dialogue SeriesCorruption & Democracy‘ on Tuesday 1st November 2022 at the American Center in Kampala. The discussion was moderated by Solomon Serwanjja, Executive Director of African Institute for Investigative Journalism and featured guest speakers. Dr Sarah Bireete, Founding Partner at Center for Constitutional Governance and Tetiana Shevchuck, Advocacy Manager Anti-Corruption Center.

Dignity Dialogue Series 'Corruption & Democracy

Dignity Dialogue Series ‘Corruption & Democracy

Corruption has been a major halt in the progress for democracy for Ukraine as a nation. Authorities responsible don’t hold the corrupt accountable enough to combat this vice that has affected key sectors of development in the country. Ukraine is ranked the 32nd most corrupt country in the world; second in Europe after Russia( how ironic!)

Ukraine Corruption Index 2012-2021


During her remarks, Tetiana Shevchuck decried how much corruption has cost the Ukraine government in terms of accountability of funds and funding illicit trade.

Tetiana Shevchuck shares her remarks during the dignity dialogue series

Tetiana Shevchuck shares her remarks during the dignity dialogue series

Tetiana Shevchuck remarks on corruption in Ukraine

Tetiana Shevchuck remarks on the process of Ukraine joining the European Union.

The state of corruption in Uganda has also led to a rapid decline in service delivery and misappropriation of funds meant to improve welfare of citizens. Solomon Serwanjja was typically unimpressed how Ugandan citizens don’t hold corrupt officials accountable even when they are named by the Inspector General of Government.

Solomon Serwanjja shares how citizens can demand for accountability

Uganda corruption rank


Dr Sarah Bireete called out for more active participation from Ugandan citizens to demand for action to be taken against corrupt officials. “The complacency from citizens to look on as people steal public funds has sunk the country. We can’t have people stealing huge amounts of money with no consequences for their actions. We need to do better as a nation.”

Dr Sarah Bireete shares how citizens can demand for accountability of public funds.

Dr Sarah Bireete shares how corruption has crippled Uganda’s growth.

Anna Thompson, the Public Diplomacy Officer U.S Embassy in Uganda who is coordinating the ongoing digital dialogue series provided insight on the intention of the discussions and their commitment to seek dialogue amidst the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Anna Thompson provides context about the dignity dialogue series.

Ms Fiona Arinaitwe, Head of Women Affairs, Ukraine Solidarity Committee Uganda shares her thoughts after the dignity dialogue series on Corruption & Democracy.