The Digital Pedagogy Skills Certificate Course is offering practical digital skills to teachers, lecturers, teaching professionals and trainers of trainees in facilitating digital learning.

This course will help teachers and all educators in the purposeful application of new technologies to enhance teaching and learning using ICTs.

It will help transform how teachers approach and think about teaching using available ICT for education tools in order to amplify learning and develop their own digital learning materials, improve their content access & interactivity.

New ‘Digital’ Pedagogies have emerged which  have shifted the focus of teaching away from teaching to learning, content delivery to interaction, face-to-face towards an online, interactive, constructionist pedagogy, which can be led by the student, as much as the teacher.

This Digital Pedagogy Skills Course will inspire teachers to develop the mind-set, skills and knowledge to create digital hybrid courses rich with digital content for subjects they are already qualified in, as well as student engagement and mentoring suitable for the 21st century learner.

The training will equip teachers/instructors for better provision of relevant content in video, audio, graphics, animations and or relevant virtual reality that will make teaching and learning of related content interactive and interesting among the students.

It will make a case for adoption of education technologies and new ways of teaching for better learning experiences and outcomes.

At the end of the course, learners will get a Certificate in Digital Pedagogy Skills from Makerere University.

They will be required to produce a multimedia interactive course/project to be used by their respective schools or institution or students and or project website.


Through interactive sessions, we shall equip and inspire teachers to be knowledgeable and capable at delivering beneficial digital learning experiences i.e.

  1. Inspire teachers towards new technology supported pedagogies for their subjects.
  2. Help teachers learn to use available digital tools to access and provide digital learning materials and learning approaches that bring out the best in the learners.
  3. Give teachers practical knowledge and skills to develop and produce interactive multimedia content (in text, video, audio, graphics, animations and relevant virtual reality) suitable for digital learning in the class room, online, on computer or mobile.
  4. Support teachers to self-organise and support each other to learn and share experiences as they implement digital teaching and learning.
  5. Equip teachers with skills and knowledge to deliver better learning experiences & education outcomes, as well as supporting continuous learning anytime anywhere.

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