Project Description

This course is designed for those who are, or those who want to be, actively starting a new venture involving digital media technologies. The course is not a technology course but is an entrepreneurial strategy course that deals extensively with the particular dynamics of new industries such as those characterized by digital media. The focus will be on developing business models that maintain revenue streams, build value, engage with continuous research and development and aim to grow by accessing global markets. Students will examine and develop the skills necessary for managing flexible teams that embrace and endorse collaboration and fast decision making in rapidly changing technology environments.
Couse Units
• Introduction to revenue models for media consumption.
• A classic case of disruption
• Digital products and their business models
• Television and video on demand
• Community news and citizen reporting
• The social media revolution
• Basics of digital enterprises
• Analyzing media deals
• The mobile revolution
• Feasibility Plan Workshop (producing a business plan)
• New practices, models and ethics of journalism
• The non-profit emerges as an alternative
• The sprawling world of startups
• Old media that still works
• Crowd funding- best practices

The course will build toward students’ creation of a feasibility plan for a newmedia business – one that they might actually implement after graduation, or one that they might aspire to. The business plan might be a non-profit, a for-profit or a hybrid. Learners will also keep class blogs tracking developments in the entrepreneurial journalism.
Course Duration: One month (4 hours a day, 5 days a week, 3weeks of remote support)

Equipment needed: Computer or good capacity mobile phone with space to install and test apps

Targeted market: current media owners, entrepreneurs, those interested in the current new-media environment, and help prepare them for beginning their own journalism entrepreneurship.

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