Makerere University Department of Journalism and Communication in partnership with Ultimate Multimedia Consult are organizing free online trainings weekly to increase learning in aspects of Digital Communication, Multimedia Journalism & Production, Digital Pedagogy and Media Literacy & Information. On Friday 2nd  September 2022, a session on ‘The Power Of Enhancing Your Story Through Photography’ will be facilitated by Katumba Badru Sultan, a Multi- award winning photographer free-lancing with Vogue Magazine, Bloomberg, Guardian, DW Akademie, Le Monde.

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As our world today is so interconnected through digital devices, producing and sharing pictures has become the norm. Not only do pictures help to enhance a story you are telling, good pictures can also tell a story on their own. When thoughtfully incorporated into your news and communication stories, photos add context and comprehensibility.

Picture by Katumba Badru of a market in Uganda

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