Today we live and operate in an era and space of new media technology that has enabled anyone to be a content creator with the ability to disseminate information to be accessed globally. Despite it coming with a lot of advantages for creatives to freely express themselves with the use of the internet and digital tools, it has led to a high increase in volume of fake unverified information spreading at a high rate. This is commonly referred to as an Infodemic

Types of Fake News.

Fact checking and verification tools and practices 2



  • Misinformation
  • Disinformation
  • Malinformation 





In July 2022, DW Akademie launched a #DisarmingDisinformation Campaign working with it’s partners to share insights on how to combat disinformation. Ultimate Multimedia Consult was glad to participate in this campaign and share information regaring disinformation and how it can be combatted.

Given the increased rate of false news being shared, it’s important we look at a number of tools that can help combat the spread of fake news.  However it is keen to NOTE that despite the technology and tools that are available to us to verify information today, your biggest asset and skill is your MIND. Always question any information you see being shared and don’t be quick to spread it before ascertaining if it is the truth. Ensure you cross check from relevant persons, authorities and platforms before sharing information.

Tips on how to combat spread of false news and information

  • ∙Develop Critical Mindset
  • ∙See who else is reporting the story:
  • ∙Examine the evidence:
  • ∙Check the sources,
  • ∙Don’t take images for face value.
  • ∙Check if it sounds right.
Stop spreading fake news

Stop spreading fake news

Tools for fact checking stories.

Fact checking and verification tools and practices 3


Fact Checking Images

Fact checking and verification tools and practices 4






Tutorial of how to fact check images with Google Reverse Image Search

Fact Checking Videos

Fact checking and verification tools and practices 5

  Tips on spotting a manipulated video

  • Does the mouth move Slower or faster than the sound?
  • Does the voice sound off?
  • Does the video look like a video game?
  • Compare them with how they look in other videos
  • Consider the source of the video
  • Where has the video been covered online





Tools for fact checking videos

Tutorial of how to fact check videos using Invid


Fact Checking Social Media Accounts and Posts

Fact checking and verification tools and practices 6


  • What is the claim
  • Who made the claim
  • How many followers
  • What time was the claim made
  • Where was the claim published
  • Is the account verified?






Tools for Fact Checking Twitter Accounts

Tutorial of how to fact check a twitter account using BotSentinel

Watch below how Information was checked during the Kenya 2022 elections.