Digital communication professionals require well guided and proficient use of online and offline tools to make meaningful communication. Tools and software that can ease your work to produce quality content are highly recommended to improve your productivity and efficiency while working. Here are a list of important tools that can help you navigate and produce quality content.

1. Canva

Canva is a must have tool every digital communication professional should utilize. It is a multi purpose online graphic design software that you can create graphics, videos, presentations, illustrations etc. It’s user friendly interface and diverse templates make it one of today’s most utilized platform with 75 million monthly active users.  Canva has both free and premium templates that you customize to create appealing content and boost your content creation.

Example of templates in Canva

Example of templates in Canva

Tutorial of how to design graphics using Canva

2. Filmora

Video is the most complete medium any professional should create content with. Video appeals to all senses and therefore evokes emotion comprehension of communication shared. Filmora is an easy video editor any professional can use to edit, add effects and create appealing video content. Filmora is an open source software that you can download on your computer.

Tutorial of how to edit videos using Filmora

3. Website (WordPress)

A website is a must have for any digital communication professional. A central location where you can publish your content in multimedia form will give you an edge as an expert in this industry. A website allows you to creatively express your opinions. WordPress is a Content Management System that helps you quickly create your own website for free. Explore how you can customize and regularly publish content on your website.

Tutorial of how to create a free website with WordPress

4. I love PDF.

Conversion of documents in different formats is a predicament area many communication professionals find themselves in. In addition to conversion, today many PDF documents require you to append your signature in form of contracts or certificates. ILovePDF is an online tool that helps convert, merge, sign and compress documents.

ILovePDF interface

ILovePDF interface

Tutorial of how to sign a PDF document using ilovepdf

5. Handbrake

Handbrake is a free and open source transcoder for digital video files. If you need to convert a video file to any format and in addition compress it to a size that is suitable for you to upload or submit anywhere, this is an adequate tool for you.

handbrake interface

Handbrake Interface

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