Project Description

Data visualisation is an important visual method for effective communication and analysing large datasets. Through data visualisations we are able to draw conclusions from data that are sometimes not immediately obvious and interact with the data in an entirely different way.

This course will provide you with an informative introduction to the methods, tools and processes involved in visualising big data. It is focused on communicating complex information with visually appealing charts, graphs and maps. Participants will learn to create clear and meaningful visualizations using publicly available data, tell stories with interactive maps, and create beautiful and effective graphs and charts.

Course Units
• Introduction to visualization and visual communication
• Information visualisation
• Design approaches for visualisation
• Visualisation for communication
• Graphic design techniques with data visualizations.
• Interactive data illustrations for the web.
• Create interactive maps.
• Importance of and how to clean and process data for visualizations.
• Best practices for using interactive databases to create visualizations and maps that tell stories with data.
• Hands-on experience using different data visualization tools

We will use a variety of tools to help you understand and grow skills in analyzing and visualizing big data using maps, graphics, mashups and related tools. You’ll work hands-on with the tools and create real examples of charts, graphs and maps. This assures that you will be able to apply your new skill set immediately upon completion of the training.

Course Duration: One month (4 hours a day, 5 days a week, 3weeks of remote support)

Equipment needed: Computer or good capacity mobile phone with space to install and test apps

Targeted market: ideal for people interested in a rapid-paced, immersive experience in data visualization tools & techniques. This workshop is ideal for scientists, communication professionals, journalists, bloggers, educators, communications academic faculty, and those interested in becoming proficient in learning to communicate data with clarity and creativity.

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